Public Speaking

Sam is a professionally trained public/ motivational speaker and has spoken to; schools, councils, businesses, sports groups and charities – collecting years of speaking experience.

Sam started on the public speaking circuit in 2004 after media attention he received for success at the Athens Paralympics and for telling American media that his leg was mauled off by a kangaroo.

From what began as informative sessions offering a few laughs, Sam’s presentations have grown into a series of diverse presentations. Covering everything from goal setting techniques to life lessons, Sam ties in his personal experiences, all of which can be tailored to suit a theme, school syllabus or mission/vision statements.

Sam is also radio trained and media friendly, with regular appearances on stations such as SEN and ABC.

Presentations cover the following points and activities and can be personally tailored upon request;

  • Motivation
  • Goal setting techniques (used by both Olympic and Paralympic teams)
  • Time management
  • Disability awareness
  • Inclusion/ diversity

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  • Angela Salcedo



    My name is Angela I am an academic for the College of Health & Biomedicine at Victoria University. I have spoken to you a few times on social media. I collaborate on various projects with my colleagues to support student retention by trying to get speakers to come in and speak to them about success, attaining goals etc and would love for you to come and speak for us. My students are studying courses across health & biomedicine sector e.g: nursing, sport science, biomed, paramedics etc, so even possibly tailoring it to the medical field somehow would be great.

    If you are interested please send me and email to the address provided, we can bounce off some ideas.

    Kind Regards,

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  • Kelsey Busine


    Dear Sam,

    My name is Kelsey Busine, I am a Year 12 Prefect from Cheltenham Girls High School. Last years prefect body created an event which is now annually known as Diversity Week. This week comprised of the promotion of acceptance and individuality. We aim to continue this spirit in March through a Cheltenham organised Colour Run and an inspirational assembly.

    We would like to formally invite you to be the guest speaker for the afternoon. We believe you and your story of resilience will motivate and encourage the girls and Cheltenham to strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

    We look forward to receiving your response on whether you would be interested in attending our Diversity Day in March 2015.

    You can contact myself through this email, or the Prefect Body Coordinator;

    Kind Regards
    Kelsey Busine
    Cheltenham Girls High School Prefect

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