• Sam was amusing and highly entertaining. Having sat through over twenty similar occasions, this is the first time I can remember the audience actually laughing and enjoying the words of the guest speaker. Jan Mann, Event Coordinator, Wellington Secondary College

  • The talk I had the pleasure of listening to the tale of a young man who was living his dream despite having a disability, and was a story that fair to say inspired most in the room. Sam's presentation skills allowed him to easily convey serious messages of hard work and dedication, while his charismatic and infectious character on-stage (and off it) also added humour Vinnie Rodi, Journalist, Mildura Weekly

  • While many of Sam’s anecdotes had his audience in hysterics, his underlying message of setting goals, dealing with disappointment and simply getting on with it no matter what hand you are dealt in life, was well received by our students. Bruce McInnes, Mansfield Secondary College

  • We were able to take from Sam’s goal setting techniques and experiences and align them with what we are trying to achieve, which proved to be highly effective for team. -Jared Foster, Norden


Sam Bramham certainly entered Paralympic competition with a splash when he broke the 100m Butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympic, his first games at the age of 16. He made international headlines for lying to an American journalist that his leg was mauled off by a kangaroo.

Because of his success and personality, Sam is media friendly and a professionally trained motivational public speaker- and has spoken to schools, sports groups/clubs, businesses and councils offering support, advice, inspiration, disability awareness and goal setting techniques used by both the Olympic and Paralympic teams, all tied in with his personal experiences. He has had regular radio spots on SEN, ABC, SYN FM, Vision Australia and JOY FM, talking both able bodied and disabled sport.

In August 2014, Sam released his autobiography ‘€˜Three-Quarter Man: Pranks, Passion and Paralympics’€™ through Affirm Press.

Sam was a contestant on Big Brother Australia 2014. He was the sixth housemate to be evicted.

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  • Laura Malligan


    Hi Sam
    I’m Laura Malligan, I’m 18 years old but I’ll be 19 in April 2014; I live in Port Macquarie, NSW. I was born with Cerebral Palsy affecting my right arm and both legs. I’ve had five surgeries which were all painful but it’s been worth it now. From 2003-2013 I competed in School State Athletics and Cross Country events for Athletes with a disability. I’ve won six trophies and twenty medals; ten of them gold. I retired from Athletics because in June 2012 I attended a Talent Search Day with the Australian Committee, when they sent my results and they said I would achieve more in Cycling; which was a surprise because I never been able to balance on a bike without training wheels because of my less co-ordination on my right side. In September 2012 a foundation called live for kids donated me a mountain bike with two stabilising wheels; one of each side of the back wheel that are designed to come off when I get my balance. I ride about 35km 3 times a week, I can’t wait to be successful in Cycling. At the end of 2013 I completed year 12 at my graduation I won the “Pierre de Coubertin Award” signed by the Australian Olympic Committee which is now framed on my bedroom wall. Through out the next two years I’m going to do a Primary School Teacher’s aide TAFE Course. I’ve had lots of work experience at all 3 Catholic Primary Schools in Port Macquarie, at St Peter’s Primary I’m known as the staff clown because of my funny personality like yours. I can’t wait to get my qualification and start being a primary school teacher’s aide full time because I’m in a nice environment, I have good work collgues and love helping and supporting the students. I saw your Australian Paralympian Interview on You Tube; your such an inspiration to me. I love your personality, how you like to have a laugh and joke around about your leg. I always love your positive attitude and determination to achieve big in life; You never let having one leg hold you back, I never let having a mild case of cerebral palsy hold me back either; if I can’t do something I’ll just keep on trying until I do it. I’m so proud of your football and swimming achievements, you are a positive, determined and inspiring young man and you should be so proud of yourself. I have two sporting heroes that are both swimmers, you’re one of them and Matt Cowdrey is the other one. You and Matt inspire me the most because of your strength, determination, achievements, positive attitude and your attitude to overcome obstacles. I sent your email because I’ve been wanting to meet you for a long time. Your more then welcome to send me an email anytime if you would like to, I would always love to hear from you.

    Kind Regards

    Laura Malligan

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  • Shannon


    Hi Sam,
    I recently read your book and I found it funny, inspiring and thought provoking. I bought it at Sydney airport on my way to the AFL Grand Final. I started reading it on the plane, then whilst waiting at the MCG for the game to start (I should have kept reading as it was far better than the game – unless you were a Hawks supporter!). Then I finished it on the way home. I couldn’t put it down and I’m sure the people around me were wondering what was so funny as I would randomly laugh out loud.
    As soon as I’d finished, I went online to find a contact for you. I’ve never written to anyone before, but I felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed the book. I was a little put off when I discovered you were currently on Big Brother. Only because now I had to watch an episode. Damn you!
    I work at Bridge Climb taking people from all over the world to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and over the years I’ve met many people with amazing stories. The ones that get all of us though, the ones that stick in your memory, are the people who give it a go regardless of their situation. From those deathly afraid of heights to those missing limbs to those with no sight or hearing.
    So Sam, thanks for the book. Thanks for your humour. Thanks for your story; although there’s more to come. Every good story comes in trilogy form!
    Good luck with Rio.

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  • Amanda


    Hey Sam, I could maybe help doing some wheelchairs!! Contact me with particulars etc.



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